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27th May 2007

unforgivin42010:29am: Hi my name is amy
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket this is my piture so you have a face to a name .....

24th March 2006

flirting9:34pm: Well hello everyone! My name is Katie, and I am just looking for some new friends on LJ right now. I have been around here awhile on LJ, and love meeting new people.
21. F. MN.
Likes: Horses. Dogs. Betta Fish. Music. Sax. Piano. Bowling. Horseback riding. Being a dork. Hanging out with friends. Being silly. Magic the Gathering. Dungeons and Dragons. Vampires the Masquerade. Blogging. Politics. Democrats. Criminal Justice. Pharmacy. DVD's. Velvet Pictures. Latchhooking. Scratch Art. Embroidery. Cross Stitching. Burning CD's. Computers. Friends. My family. Advice. Psychology. Goldfish. Magic the Gathering. Men. Computers. Internet. Beaches. The Bahamas. Europe. Australia. South America. Geography. AA. NA. Harry Potter. History. Beanie Babies. Being Sober. Poetry. Stories. Hot Topic. Torrid. Old Navy. Art. Theater. Acting. Sleeping. Shoes. Purses. Randomness. Being easily amused. Green Bay Packers. Minnesota Twins. Minnesota Timberwolves. Traveling. Butterflies. Tattoos. Faeries. Photography. Antiques. Being spotaneous. Chocolate. Duct tape. Accents. Board Games.
Dislikes: Liars. Fake people. Cheats.
The Bands That I like: Bayside. Maynard Ferguson. Linkin Park. No Doubt. Dashboard Confessional. Dander. Something Corporate. Queen. Nirvana. Metallica. ACDC. Korn. Tool. My Chemical Romance. Funeral for a Friend. Green Day. Marilyn Manson. The Academy Is. Pantera. Kenny Chesney. Three Doors Down. Three Days Grace. Howie Day. Underoath. The Killers. Sugarcult. Gretchen Wilson. Kenny Chesney. Michael W. Smith. Flogging Molly. Stiff Little Fingers. Kubla Khan. Social Distortion. Emilie Autumn.
Movies I like: Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Monty Python and the Meaning of Life. Monty Python and the Life of Brian. Titanic. Freaky Friday. The Wedding Crashers. The Corpse Bride. Big Fish. Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Wererabbit. Madagascar. The Muppets Treasure Island. Clueless. Dirty Dancing. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Weird Science. The Breakfast Club. Sixteen Candles. The Man in the Iron Mask. Marvin's Room. The Beach. Poison. The Quick and the Dead. What's Eating Gilbert Grape?. The Muppet Movie
TV Shows: Seventh Heaven. What I Like About You. The Simpsons. South Park. The Family Guy. American Dad. Twins. Full House. Boy Meets World. The Muppets. Golden Girls. Family Matters. The Four Kings. That 70's Show. Malcolm in the Middle. Jeopardy. Starting Over. Home Improvement. Yes, Dear. Everybody Loves Raymond. The Drew Carey Show. Will and Grace.

If you like what you see, add me and I will add you back :D

22nd August 2005

grudthak12:47am: Hey...

I am a 27 y/o Dark Witch living in Western Australia...

I listen to anything that can be loosely defined as metal and love to talk about shit that most folks dont even think about...

Add me ifn you like.

6th August 2005

chazrael1:44am: I'm Chaz
won't you be my new friend?
I'm a bouncer in a strip club. I write shitty poetry.
That's about it.

20th July 2005

rockkittydee9:30am: Hello
I'm just feeling like making some new friends, and this seemed very much like the right place. So, add me if you will.

11th July 2005

xthexanteaterx9:00pm: just venting.....
i feel really bad because i want to cause physical harm to the guy who is letting me and my bf stay with him....the thing is he is soo mean to me...he is always calling me names and saying hurtful things...he tells my bf not to mary him, because i'm just trying to trick him into marrying me and that the child i'm carrying is not his...this is not true...but it really hurts hearing him say this kind of stuff all the time...i am a very kind and generous person and i try not to let words bother me...but i keep my feelings bottled up inside of me until...pop...i explode...i think i'm going to explode soon...this is not good because then i, my bf and my unborn child will be homeless...the thing that really hurt today is, i was supposed to have my ultrasound today...i've been looking forward to this for a long time...and i let him and his gf use the last 5 dollars on my bridge card so that they could get money for gas for my appointment...then today he decides he doesn't want to take me...i was really heartbroken because i really want to see my baby...now i have to wait almost another whole month before i can possibly have an ultrasound....i really want to say a lot of things to him but i can't, or i will really be in a lot of trouble...and i feel bad because he is lettign us live here free of charge but he just is really hurtful to me...i don't know what to do....posting this in all my communites to see what feedback i can get...love andrea
Current Mood: grrrr....

10th July 2005

xthexanteaterx4:04am: myspace
i know there's not too much activity going on in this community...but if there is anyone that still reads it..i have a myspace and would love to add you if you do too...

Check me out!
Current Mood: chipper

2nd July 2005

xthexanteaterx5:46am: you should join...
Current Mood: wide freakin awake

22nd June 2005

xthexanteaterx12:25am: grrr...
there's an emptinessin me
an emptiness
only one person can fill
but what do i do
when the one person
who can fill this hole
is the one person
who created it
the hole just grows
and grows
until it overcomes me
i'm dead to the world
and i don't know what to do
everything i see
everything i do
it reminds me
of the lover who i had
the lover who i lost
the emptiness
Current Mood: pensive

8th March 2005

dracole_wayda4:11pm: Hi
Too bad no one's posted in here in awhile, this looks like a cool community.

I am new. My name's Nathan, 20/M/Michigan, and I like weird shit like black metal, horror movies, medieval history, and so forth. Anyone is free to add me or IM me as long as you're not going to do so just for the purpose of harassing me. If you do, I'll find out where you live and set you on fire.

Pics of me:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Current Mood: sleepy

27th August 2004

lupa791:18am: Some pics of the moon and dark skiesCollapse )
Current Mood: blah

23rd July 2004

bitchybunny2:03pm: Ok
How can we make this community more interesting? How can we attract more people here? Suggestions?

6th July 2004

bitchybunny12:49pm: If anyone has any suggestions for interests I should add, please list some, and I will add them.

2nd July 2004

lupa793:43am: Darkness Surrounds the Light
I took this photo at a local recreational park. It was taken in the late afternoon, and so it really wasn't as dark out as seen here. I think it came out this way b/c I had the camera pointed right at the sun. I have other photos of sunbursts, and this effect doesn't always occur.

Current Mood: awake

9th June 2004

lupa793:51am: Hey.. this is a good idea for a community, including the 21+ bit ! (I'm sick of almost all communities being full of teeny boppers)
Anyway, I'm a 25 y/o female living in SE massachusetts. I like all kinds of things, like wolves & werewolves, vampires & cemeteries. I love photography.

A pic or 2Collapse )
Current Mood: awake

3rd June 2004

bitchybunny9:41am: Darkest add me
Thought I'd start an add me community for those who have darker interests and would like to have more people on their friends lists that share similar interests. Please note that this community is 21+. If anyone wishes to add me feel free; and we will see if this works out.
Current Mood: creative
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